What is a Philosofun?

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We are currently writing a teacher's guide to Philosofuns - watch this space!

Next Philosofun: Trees  4th December 4-5.30pm

During the Pandemic we started putting our Philosofuns online. These events are an hour and a bit long session with plenty of ideas to take away - and fun taking part in them too!

Our next Philosofun is on Monday 4th December 4-5.15pm on the theme of TREES.

Philosofuns online cost £10 per session and are a great way to meet new colleagues and refreshen up your P4C practice.  You can book here.

Whole school and other Philosofun opportunities

You can contact me on janeyatesp4c@outlook.com

Previous Philosofun fliers below on the carousels

Philosofun is a collaboration between myself and Gina Parker (Mullarkey) from Little Chatters 

•Philosofuns are a non-competitive, active, playful, engaging and above all fun approach to Philosophy for Children (P4C)

•Fun-sized philosophical games for starters, class session or full day events

•Philosophical games fostering and developing skills in collaborative thinking through ‘micro-communities’ in trios or quad groupings

•Philosophical games focus on a concrete theme or concept such as robots, monsters, clocks, food, homes, water, trees and pets.  These themes and concepts pave the way to 'bigger' more abstract concepts so are perfect for any age or experience of P4C.

We have an increasing number of schools who book us for bespoke training to help them plan their own Philosofun day or as a fun staff development opportunity  We can work with a P4C leader individually or provide whole staff training.  We welcome schools to use the Philosofun logo for their philosophy day of the week or month with a question or statement that can be on display or part of school newsletters. Please contact me if you would like a copy of the logo to use with a selection of starter questions.

We are delighted to be regularly working with student teachers at the University of Cumbria to introduce the idea of Philosofuns.  If you are a University and would like an online or face to face session for student teachers, please do get in touch.