"Excellent facilitator - I can't wait to get started." (Teacher, Cumbria) 

"Your training has been the single greatest stimulus for my teaching this year. I have embraced P4C with my class and they love it."    (Teacher, Worcestershire)

"Really appreciated having an experienced teacher to train us, who was able to trouble shoot all our questions, and share her own experiences."  (Teacher, Cheshire)

"An excellent facilitator who, in her own unassuming yet directed and focused style, helped us to completely engage ourselves."   (Headteacher, India)

"Very aware of cultural differences, especially relevant in a diverse group."  (Teacher, India on a joint Indian/UK training course)

"I can honestly say it has had a huge impact on my teaching. This year my Y6 pupils got the best results ever in their reading comprehension and I'm sure it was because of the depth of questioning and enquiry in P4C."  (Teacher, Liverpool)

"I know I've got a long way to go with P4C and lots to learn but judging from my first enquiries with the children, it's going to be an amazing journey and by far the biggest influence on my teaching practice so far."   (Teacher, Cheshire)